Average KFC Staff Salary in South Africa (2024)

The average KFC Salary in South Africa is R21,250 per month. A KFC Cashier earns a salary range of R3,351, a KFC Team Member earns about R3,449, and a Restaurant Manager earns R10,000 per month.

Average KFC Staff Salary in South Africa

Job Title Approximate Monthly Salary (ZAR)
Cashier 3,351
Team Member 3,449
Restaurant Manager 10,000

Types of KFC Staff and Their Functions in South Africa

In KFC outlets in South Africa, various staff members contribute to the smooth functioning of the restaurant, ensuring that customers receive quality service and the establishment operates efficiently. The key types of KFC staff and their functions include:

1. Front-of-House Staff

– Cashiers: Responsible for processing customer orders, handling payments, and providing a positive customer experience at the counter.
–  Order Takers: Assist customers in placing their orders, ensuring accuracy and satisfaction with their selections.

2. Kitchen Staff

– Cooks: Prepare and cook the various KFC menu items, following standardized recipes and maintaining food safety standards.
– Food Prep Workers: Responsible for tasks such as breading chicken, cutting vegetables, and ensuring all ingredients are ready for cooking.
– Kitchen Supervisors: Oversee the kitchen operations, manage staff, and ensure that food preparation adheres to KFC’s quality standards.

3. Cleaning and Maintenance Staff

– Cleaners: Maintain cleanliness in the dining area, kitchen, and restrooms to uphold hygiene standards.
– Maintenance Technicians: Address and fix any technical or equipment issues to ensure smooth restaurant operations.

4. Shift Managers

– Shift Supervisors: Oversee the entire restaurant during their designated shifts, managing both front-of-house and kitchen staff, and ensuring adherence to operational protocols.
– Assistant Managers: Assist in overall restaurant management, including inventory control, staff training, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

5. Delivery Staff

– Delivery Drivers: Responsible for delivering orders to customers promptly, ensuring that the food reaches its destination hot and fresh.

6. Customer Service Representatives

– Customer Service Agents: Handle customer inquiries, feedback, and complaints, working to resolve issues and maintain positive customer relations.

7. Training and Development Staff

– Trainers: Conduct training sessions for new employees, ensuring that they understand KFC’s standards and procedures.

8. Administrative Staff

– Administrative Assistants: Provide support in various administrative tasks, such as record-keeping, scheduling, and communication.

Each staff member plays a crucial role in delivering the KFC experience to customers in South Africa. Team collaboration is essential to maintain the brand’s standards, uphold cleanliness, and ensure efficient operations. Training programs and ongoing support contribute to the development of a skilled and motivated workforce.

KFC, or Kentucky Fried Chicken, offers various types of positions in South Africa, including roles in restaurant operations, management, and corporate positions. Typical job titles may include cashier, cook, shift supervisor, store manager, and corporate roles in marketing, finance, and more. Salaries can vary significantly based on the role, experience, location, and other factors.

Factors Affecting KFC Salaries in South Africa

Salaries at KFC in South Africa can be influenced by several factors. Some of the key factors affecting KFC salaries in South Africa include:

1. Position and Responsibility

The specific role you have within KFC, whether it’s an entry-level position, shift supervisor, store manager, or a corporate role, will significantly impact your salary.

2. Experience

Your level of experience in a particular role can affect your salary. Experienced employees often command higher pay.

3. Location

The cost of living and market demand for KFC employees can vary from one region to another in South Africa. Salaries in major cities may be higher than in smaller towns.

4. Performance

Your performance, as well as the performance of the restaurant or store you work in, can influence bonuses, incentives, and pay raises.

5. Education and Qualifications

For corporate positions, your education, qualifications, and relevant experience can impact your salary.

6. Market Trends

General economic conditions and industry trends can affect salary levels. KFC may adjust salaries to stay competitive in the job market.

7. Union Agreements

If you are part of a labour union, your salary and benefits may be subject to negotiated agreements.

8. Benefits and Perks

In addition to base salary, benefits such as healthcare, retirement contributions, and employee discounts can affect the overall compensation package.

9. Company Size

Working at a franchise-owned KFC or a corporate-owned location may lead to differences in compensation and benefits.

10. Legal Requirements

KFC must comply with South African labour laws and regulations, which may set minimum wage standards and affect employment contracts.

How to Become KFC Staff in South Africa

To become an employee at KFC in South Africa, you can follow these general steps:

1. Prepare Your Resume

Create a well-structured resume that highlights your relevant skills and work experience.

2. Check Job Openings

Visit the official KFC South Africa website or check local job listing platforms for job openings. Look for positions that match your skills and interests.

3. Online Application

Apply for a job through KFC’s official website or the specific job listing platform. Follow the application instructions, which may include submitting your resume and a cover letter.

4. Interview

If your application is successful, you may be invited for an interview. Prepare for the interview by researching KFC and the role you’re applying for. Be ready to discuss your experience and why you want to work at KFC.

5. Background Checks

KFC may conduct background checks on potential employees. Ensure your references and employment history are accurate.

6. Training

If you’re hired, you’ll likely undergo training, which could include on-the-job training and company-specific policies and procedures.

7. Complete Required Documentation

Fill out any necessary paperwork, including tax forms, employee contracts, and other employment-related documents.

8. Start Your Role

Once you’ve completed the hiring process, you can begin your job at KFC in South Africa.



The average KFC Salary in South Africa is R21,250 per month. In South Africa, joining KFC involves a straightforward process. Job seekers should prepare a resume, check for job openings on the official website or job platforms, and submit an online application. If successful, an interview follows, and background checks may be conducted. Training is provided upon hiring, and necessary documentation must be completed. Salaries can vary based on factors like role, experience, location, and performance. For precise information on salaries and the application process, it’s advisable to contact KFC’s HR department or visit their official website. Overall, KFC offers various employment opportunities, ranging from entry-level positions to corporate roles in South Africa.